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Rose bouquets

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Rose bouquets - Need4Flowers

Roses bouquets are known to almost everyone - that's why they are the most sent flowers on Valentine's Day! Roses are among the most beautiful flowers and their fragrance is nothing less. It is clear that a bouquet of roses arouses attention and can not make you indifferent!

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An unique bouquet, with special colours for subtle tastes. With roses, lisianthus and chrysanthemum...
280 Lei
Purple roses bouquet with Bras, Lisianthus, Santini and Lotus - is selfish and very personal... is a..
230 Lei
An incredible particularly beauty bouquet, eclipsing any dream come true! With roses, lotus, Santini..
724 Lei
A bouquet for the joy of the soul. Creates a subtle contrast afferent to eye for details. With lotus..
275 Lei
Color her life with a beautiful bouquet of roses and spray roses, with bold colors, in shades of pur..
306 Lei
A sophisticated, elegant bouquet, the link between shadow and light, the classic contrast between bl..
0 Lei
The sound of a kiss can't be as loud as a gun, but its echo is so strong that touches the soul... Bo..
358 Lei
A bouquet with message, who leaves us whirling by time passing: the memories, the joy of life, ..
260 Lei
Enjoy the every day of life, do not remain only with memories to soothe the soul... Today is a day w..
320 Lei